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Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology - Paul Singleton, Diana Sainsbury
This Third, Revised Edition of a unique, encyclopaedicreference work covers the whole field of pure and appliedmicrobiology and microbial molecular biology in one volume. The"Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, ThirdEdition, Revised: " Reflects the latest developments in the fieldFeatures over 18,000 entries from concise definitions of termsto review-length articlesProvides extensive cross-referencing between topicsIncludes numerous references from scientific journals and
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A History of Aerodynamics: And Its Impact on Flying Machines - John D. Anderson Jr.
Aerodynamic principles that make flight possible were little known or barely understood as recently as one hundred years ago. Although their roots can be found in the fluid dynamics of ancient Greek science, it was not until the scientific breakthroughs at the beginning of the twentieth century that it became possible to design successful flying machines. This book presents the history of aerodynamics, intertwined with a review of the aircraft that were developed as technology advanced.
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How Pathogenic Viruses Work - Lauren M. Sompayrac
How Pathogenic Viruses Work Is A Concise Summary Of The Basics Of Virology Written In An Understandable And Entertaining Manner. The Book Is Composed Of Nine Lectures Covering The Essential Elements Of Virus-Host Interactions With Descriptive Graphics, Helpful Mnemonic Tactics For Retaining The Concepts, And Brief Lecture Reviews. This Is An Ideal Text For Medical, Science, And Nursing Students Who Want A Review, Or Simple Explanation, Of Virology.
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Study Guide and Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry - T.W. Graham Solomons
On the cover of this book is a Pacific yew tree, found in the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest. The bark of the Pacific yew tree produces Taxol, found to be a highly effective drug against ovarian and breast cancer. Taxol blocks mitosis during eukaryotic cell division. The supply of Taxol from the Pacific yew tree is vanishingly small, however. A single 100-year-old tree provides only about one dose of the drug (roughly 300 mg). For this reason, as well as the spectacular molecular
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High Speed Flow - C.J. Chapman, D.G. Crighton, Mark J. Ablowitz
High Speed Flow covers subsonic and supersonic flight, shock waves, high-speed aerofoils, and temperature changes. Starting from first principles, the book gives complete and elementary derivations of all results, and takes the reader to research level in the subject. C.J. Chapman includes many exercises and an extensive bibliography, providing access to the entire literature from 1860 to the present, with over two hundred items published since 1990. An extensive set of formulae on
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50 Years at Gombe - Jane Goodall
A great deal has happened since the publication of Jane Goodall: 40 Years at Gombe in 1999. Most recently, endeavors at the Gombe field site have included landmark research related to AIDS progression; establishing programs to improve sanitation, health care, and education in neighboring Tanzanian communities; and partnering with local people to pursue reforestation initiatives. The accomplishments of the past 10 years alone have given the Jane Goodall Institute a great deal to celebrate. In
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Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics - John M. Seddon, Simon Newman
Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics, now in its third edition, is widely appreciated as an easily accessible, rounded introduction to the first principles of the aerodynamics of helicopter flight. Concentrating on the well-known Sikorsky configuration of single main rotor with tail rotor, the authors avoid the lengthy mathematical treatment of some textbooks, thereby making the material accessible to undergraduates as well as engineers looking for an introduction to the subject. Early chapters deal
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Computational Methods in Hypersonic Aerodynamics - T.K.S. Murthy
This book contains chapters written by some eminent scientists and researchers on Computational Methods in Hypersonic Aerodynamics and forms a natural sequel to the earlier publications on Computational Methods in Potential Flow (1986) and Computational Methods in Viscous Aerodynamics (1990). In this book, the earlier attempts at the solution of the highly nonlinear Navier-Stokes equations are extended to the aerothermodynamics of flow in the hypersonic regime, including the effects of
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A Bed For The Winter - Karen Wallace
This Level 1 book is appropriate for children who are just beginning to read. Combine DK's highly successful visual approach with engaging and easy-to-read stories and you'll have a series of books guaranteed to capture and delight the imagination of any child. Each level is intended to help develop reading skills and general knowledge to build a lifelong love of reading. Written by leading children's authors and compiled in consultation with literacy experts, these colorful books use